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A patented insulation base complex sheet waterproofing system consisting of excellent thermal efficiency qualities, strengthened with quality mesh. This is dry complex waterproofing system ensuring a faster completion time to an agreed quality of finish unlike conventional wet or hot application methods. Added benefits with the loose laying method ensures all cracks in the concrete surface are covered and sealed. The insulation base complex sheet has a guaranteed lifespan of 20 years..
1. Having great thermal efficiency, saving heating and air- conditioning costs, including reducing Co2 footprint
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet and Trysumer Heat Insulation Base Carpet offers great energy-saving qualities which can never be achieved using conventional waterproofing methods.
2. The double-waterproofing lamination effect creates a strong complex waterproofing system.
Schutz® , patented IPALG top coating is applied to Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet to create a double-complex waterproofing sheet system.
3. Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet System with its ‘loose laying method’ is not affected by movement or cracks to the roof structure.
4. Does not deteriorate in climatic conditions
Conventional synthetic polymer waterproofing is vulnerable and cannot withstand direct sunlight, ultraviolet light, and heat. It deteriorates rapidly due to expansion and contraction process resulting in a breakdown of the product. However, the patented Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet System does not deteriorate in winter or summer. It has excellent durability qualities made with ceramic material.
5. Product performed well in low temperature
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet maintained its flexible quality even in very low temperatures.
The flexibility test can be seen in the video below.

6. Excellent walkability with no impact floor noise
The Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet laminated with Trysumer Heat Insulation Base Carpet offers excellent walkability and softness, offering greatly reduced impact noise from roofs.
7. Faster completion time, not weather reliant, can be applied in winter or summer.
8. Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet is Fire-Resistant
Conventional liquid-applied membranes or synthetic high polymer waterproofing systems make use of urethane material with urethane foam for rooftop waterproofing. Considering that rooftops, in most cases, offer emergency shelter due to a fire, there would be a great loss of life. It is therefore of paramount importance when choosing a waterproofing product that the material used must be fire-resistant.
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet passed two flame retardant tests by Korea Fire-Proof Institute and Korea Conformity Laboratories. The test report below shows all the test results, such as, surface fire spread, surface fire length, and surface fire.
FIRE-RESISTANT WATERPROOF SHEET WITH IMAGE FINISH AND APPLICATION SYSTEM FOR WALLS AND FLOOR (Korean Patent Number 10-1663984). Never use flammable materials, such as, asphalt sheet or polyurethane products when waterproofing rooftops; they could cause great tragedy in case of fire. Best practice is always to use fire resistance material when choosing a waterproofing product. Test results from the following two videos shows a fire test conducted on our waterproofing material when heat is applied for 5 minutes with an open flame. There is no fire spread when tested by standard heat intensity and it did not fail. This means Trysumer Art-fashion Sheet and the Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet will not permit fire spread, providing time for evacuation should this be necessary.

9. Asbestos Free
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet and Trysumer Heat Insulation Base Carpet are ecofriendly products with no asbestos.
10. Safe for Rooftop Gardening
Waterproofing material used on rooftops should have root barrier qualities preventing roots from damaging the building elements, be solvent free and harmless to plants.
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Laminated Waterproofing Sheet System meets all these requirements. The top coating and joint adhesive is solvent free, acid resistant, alkali-resistant, oil resistant, harmless to plants.
11. Tiles and manufactured stone can be applied over the waterproofing sheets.
Laying tiles over bare concrete rooftop surface should never be attempted because tiles will separate from the surface due to movement in the slab. However, it is now possible to lay tiles over Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet for that luxurious look.

The balcony shown in the picture has serious water leakage problems. Waterproofing has become essential to maintain the integrity of the building. The balcony floor can have a luxury look with tiles laid over Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet System making it waterproof, comfortable, and a relaxing space.

For that perfect waterproofing effect, we laid Trysumer Heat Insulation Base Carpet on the balcony floor laminating it with Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet. Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet will never deform, has good durability changing the stereotypes that think waterproofing is not a long-life performance.
Completed project. The balcony has a face-lift, looking ready for a party!
12. Give your parapet walls a face-lift
You can now waterproof and decorate your parapet walls with Trysumer Art-fashion Sheet Parapet Waterproofing System. Trysumer Art-fashion Sheet Parapet Waterproofing Sheet is made with eco-friendly products with many artistic designs. It can be applied to various parts of your property where waterproofing is required.

Job complete using Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet System. Parapet walls waterproofed using Trysumer Art-fashion Sheet Parapet Waterproofing Sheet with beautiful design finish. Your outdoor living space can be rejuvenated even if you live in the city.
Most roofs in Korea are constructed with poured reinforced concrete which is known to have pores or capillary tracts. These suspended concrete slabs are also designed with movement joints, referred to by most as expansion joints, but their purpose is mostly for contraction due to climatic changes. Over time cracking will occur, along with increased water leaking by osmotic effect, and if not treated, the slab will deteriorate causing severe damage to the building. For maximum effect, we recommend waterproofing this slab with Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet with its unique properties; loose laying method, thermal efficiency, and durability.
The general thinking amongst property owners regarding waterproofing is to use the popular conventional liquid membrane waterproofing system which has a very short life span of about 3-4 years depending on climatic conditions. One would think questions would be asked as to why the lifespan of this waterproofing system has such a short lifespan despite investing huge amount of money on it? Popular waterproof liquid membrane coatings, such as, polyurethane and acrylic coatings, breaks down rapidly due to it being directly affected by slab movement, cracking and surface damages because of it being applied directly to the concrete surface. It's inevitable that these products will breakdown, notwithstanding the excessive costs to remove them. Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet System is the alternative to the popular conventional liquid membrane waterproofing systems with its loose laying method laid directly on concrete surface, covering over cracks, pores, and any damage to the concrete slab or surface without it being affected. With its unique laminated function, it provides huge heating and air-conditioning savings. Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet System has a 20-year lifespan compared to the 3-4 popular brands.
Popular waterproofing brands such as liquid membrane / polyurethane waterproof coating, acrylic waterproof coating and polyurethane foam have common flaws. Over a brief period, being exposed to direct sunlight, ultraviolet light, and heat they start showing signs of breaking down. The most important thing to be remember when choosing any waterproofing product is to make sure what its chemical properties are and how it reacts to the environment over time. Durability of the product must be considered. Any liquid membrane applied directly to a concrete slab will separate from the surface after installation due to climatic conditions as described here.
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet Waterproofing System is the next generation complex waterproofing system, solving all the problems relating to popular brands on the market today. It has good heat insulation qualities; laminated waterproofing effect creating a complex waterproofing system. Solves the problem of common cracking, leaking pores in concrete surfaces. Any maintenance can be carried out with ease. Can be applied on any structural surface. Is eco-friendly, not affected by UV light, has longevity. Being water based, it’s not toxic to the environment. Ease of application with faster completion times. Not affected by weather compared to popular waterproofing brands. Ready-made waterproof sheeting will ensure a uniform quality.
When ‘The Saemaul Movement’ was launched by the Korean Government in the 1970s many thatched constructed roofs were replaced with asbestos cement slate tiles. Asbestos cement slate tiles were also used for roof covering over livestock housing, warehouses, and factory’s because it was relatively cheap and easy to use. Thus, around 40% of rural houses contained asbestos cement slate tiled roofs. Removing or repairing old friable asbestos cement slate roofing is very dangerous and toxic to humans and the environment. Removal of Asbestos must be done by the HAZMAT experts and disposed of at approved local authority refuse sites. Asbestos removal experts treat friable asbestos contaminated waste as soon as it is removed, bag or encapsulate it prior to transportation. It’s very expensive and time consuming. By choosing the next generation IPALG Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet Waterproofing System you can eliminate these costly problems. This system does not require the removal of existing asbestos cement slate roofing. Our expert water proofers apply Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet Waterproofing System over the existing roof encapsulating it. This system has numerous features advantages; no removal cost, faster completion time, safe from friable asbestos waste, leak free roof with great looks and heat insulation.
Corrugated iron roofing has become popular when replacing or building new homes due to its attractiveness, faster completion time, durability, and ease of use. However, roofing screws start corroding over time resulting in water leaks. Condensation is also serious problems when the metal sweats or rain water is collected under the iron roof. Many roofs lack adequate ventilation and insulation. Also during a rain storm, much vibration and impact noise from the iron roof. New generation Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Sheet Waterproofing System solves many roofing related problems, such as, costly repairs, watertightness, condensation, impact noise and insulation.
Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Waterproofing Sheet harmonizing with Trysumer Heat Insulation Base Carpet gives that cushion effect providing good walkability. Artificial turf can be laid over the product utilize the area for sports facilities.
Many buildings are constructed with different materials. A concrete and steel beam structure, for example, has some advantages; being stronger, having a faster completion time. But it has some weaknesses. Each building component has a different rate of expansion and contraction, and over time cracks will start appearing in the structure. Also, taking into consideration, abnormal weather, heat and cold, typhoons, earth movement due to its makeup such as clay, and earthquakes. Corrosion of the steel frame can also be a major structural issue reducing the lifespan of a building. Severe problems develop in massive structures where heat cannot be dissipated. Thermal contraction on the concrete’s surface without a corresponding change in its interior temperature will cause a thermal differential and potentially lead to cracking. Therefore, the combination of waterproofing and heat insulation is vital to settle this chronic problem. New generation Trysumer Insulation Base Complex Waterproofing Sheet System solves all these problems protecting your home, buildings, extending its life.